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A Better LabUrgent Analytical

Better turn around times!
Better technical support!
Better than you are used to!

Results Faster

A Time Efficient Laboratory

Urgent Analytical understands that providing accurate test results in a timely manner is of the utmost importance to you and your clients.

24 Hour Bacterial Analysis

A swab culture to determine if gram negative bacteria is present within 24 hours

Fast TATs

UA offers fast turn-around-times with 3 hour TAT option for most analysis types and Saturday analysis

Pass Fail Criteria

Faster results by establishing when to stop analyzing a sample

Real Time Results

View results as soon as they are verified in LabPortal

Quick Chain of Custody

Uses our app to capture your samples as you go and submit the digital COC even before the samples are shipped

Mobile Lab

Our mobile laboratory or analyst can come to your job site and analyze samples on the spot

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